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Ian Astbury of The Cult: Chris Martin 'nothing to do with rock music', but Coldplay have made some 'wonderful records'

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Ian Astbury, leader singer of 80s post-punk/heavy rock band The Cult, has said that Chris Martin has 'nothing to do with rock music', despite Coldplay having made 'some wonderful records'. Speaking to Esquire, Astbury added that hip-hop artists such as Kayne West had 'more to do with rock and roll'. Section from the interview below.
ESQ: I think a lot of people would agree that you're a rock star, though. What I was going to ask was, what happened to the idea of that? All the rock stars, the mainstream rock stars, where are they? It seems like in the past decade or so, all that's out there is maybe Chris Martin from Coldplay or Adam Levine...
IA: Hold on. They're not rock singers. Let's roll it back: They're pop stars. They've got nothing to do with rock music. They're popular icons, individual popular icons. They have nothing to do with rock music whatsoever.
ESQ: There is an absence of, in this case, men who front bands that actually play instruments and use those instruments to play high-energy rock and roll with an element of danger. Would you agree?
IA: What I consider to be the barometer for what is a rock artist and what is not, is somebody who has a certain element of blues, even a hint of soul or blues music, derivative of African-American blues, folk, spiritual, or gospel. The original rock and roll came from that well. It was meant to be played from the waist down. It wasn't supposed to be played from the neck up. 
ESQ: So the Chris Martins... 
IA: I admire Chris Martin. Coldplay have made some wonderful records for the genre they're involved in, but I would consider them to be more of a pop act. The music is much more cerebral than it is animalistic. I think hip-hop has more to do with rock and roll. Kanye West is, in many ways, a rock artist. Jay Z in many ways is a rock artist. In the sense that they've used hard rock, punk rock, psychedelic rock aesthetics and influences in their music. When you see Kanye West, he has a full band playing. Jay Z has a full band playing with Marshalls.
Well at least he wasn't completely critical. Wonderful records, indeed. We certainly like a bit of 'She Sells Sanctuary'. Though with dress sense like this, Ian, we're not surprised rock 'n roll is dead either...

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