Monday, 10 September 2012

Video: Watch the Paralympic Closing Ceremony in full

You can watch the Paralympic Closing Ceremony in full above. Coldplay begin around the 40 minute mark. The song timings are as follows;

0:39:34 Us Against the World
0:43:44 Yellow
0:48:24 Up In Flames
0:51:41 Paradise
0:56:20 42
1:01:20 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
1:05:32 Clocks
1:09:59 Charlie Brown
1:14:52 Princess of China
1:19:08 Strawberry Swing
1:24:58 We Found Love
1:28:05 Viva La Vida
2:04:56 Run This Town
2:08:47 Paradise (partial, with extra Vocals by Jay-Z)
2:11:20 The Scientist
2:16:57 Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

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