Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Guy and Will answer fan questions during #coldplaylive Twitter chat

This evening, Guy and Will answered a range of questions from Coldplay fans around the world during a live Q&A session on Twitter. Fans were able to pose questions using the hashtag #coldplaylive, which began trending worldwide before it even started.

We've uploaded screenshots of all the questions below. Of course you'll have to work your way up from the bottom!

The band also posted three pictures of themselves relaxing backstage (see above). Tonight they play at the Stade Charles Herman in Nice, France.

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  1. They're good, but it seems like they're not trying new sounds and every song sounds like U2. I first heard Yellow when i received tickets in my bth , Anyway, for me the whole Coldplay thing is too calculated. They jumped into the big stadium concerts thing right from the start and started their Vegas era pretty much from the day one, or at least very very soon.